Align Your Mind, Body, and Spirit with American Income Life

Let this sink in:  It’s been a quarter of a year since we last saw you at the Home Office in McKinney, TX, for American Income Life Leadership Academy 201. As a grad of #AILLA201, you’ve had 90 days to ignite your career and ask, “What’s next?”

We’ve got an answer for you – Leadership Academy 301.

To qualify for Leadership Academy 301, you can’t hit a sophomore slump or expect to ride successes you’ve already achieved. You must stay focused, energized, and optimistic. That’s where mind, body, and spirit come into play. Rather than explain how to channel these facets of balanced leadership, we’ll let leadership guru Coach Gigs remind you how to get your Zen on with American Income Life.

American Income Life State General Agent Eric Giglione on Mind, Body, Spirit


Find a Balance with American Income Life

After listening to Coach Gigs in the video above, pinpoint an area in your life that needs more attention. Visualize how you can perfect this mind, body, spirit balance. Then, let us know in the comments below how you plan to strike this balance and find yourself in one of the coveted seats of American Income Life Leadership Academy 301.

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