American Income Life: Free Your Leadership of Chains

American Income Life: Break Your Leadership of Chains

American Income Life: Break Your Leadership of Chains

To be the best you can be in your business and perform the task of a leader at American Income Life you have to be able to delegate tasks that are not part of your job description; tasks that can be performed by someone who’s not paid “hourly” as much as you are, so to speak.

However, delegation is an art, and it better be done right or else it can be a contributor to failure in parts of your business. When delegating, make sure you evaluate the competence of the person you are delegating to for that particular task.

Do not assign the right task to the wrong person or you will be setting them up for failure, indirectly creating a demotivating environment, and completely frustrating that person. Choose the people you are delegating to carefully and you will be working to their best interest and the best interest of your business.

Along with choosing the right person for the right task, you also have to clearly define the task: what is it you want this task to accomplish and how you want it done?

Set a deadline, date, or time you want the task completed. Don’t be vague or it will lose its sense of urgency and, once again, produce frustration. Set inspection checkpoints and let the person you are delegating know “why” you are going to inspect them, “what” it is you are going to inspect, and “when”. This way you will never be disappointed and they will not have to fear surprises.

Delegating to the right people frees your leadership of chains and allows you to focus on the most important thing a leader needs to do: grow the vision for your American Income Life agency.

Flying at 30,000 feet high is not good enough anymore due to the competitive world and the speed of things around us. You need to be able to elevate yourself to the space station heights to be able to see what’s happening in your business, anticipate trends, and make the right moves.

Delegating is not about gaining time to go to the beach, it’s about gaining time to work on your dreams and help your people achieve theirs.

Don’t surrender your mind to minutiae; you are a leader and your task is to treasure your mind, cherish your reason and hold to your purpose.

Then, people will follow you!



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Domenico Bertini is the Vice President of Operations at American Income Life Insurance Company. Find him on Google+

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