American Income Life Leaders Care About Their Agents

When you attended American Income Life Leadership Academy 101, you learned being a leader means genuinely caring about your fellow Agents’ futures. Two months have passed since you attended 101. Have you embraced leadership thinking at your own Office? Or, do you need a quick refresher on what you learned at Academy? SGA David Ackerman has some advice on how to build and maintain a thriving American Income Life Agency.

Great Achievements at American Income Life Come From Others

You may have contributed a lot to your Agency already, but no man is an island, and no Agent succeeds alone. The people you’re surrounded with and bring into your American Income Life Office are the ones who will help determine your success. It’s important for you to set an example for others to follow and motivate them to accomplish their goals. It’s also vital that you have people around you who support your vision for success and encourage you to achieve your dreams.

Treat American Income Life Agents Like Family

We’re not saying you need to invite all of your fellow Agents over for Thanksgiving dinner (unless you want to), but your success is linked to theirs, which means their business should be just as important as your own. Part of your duty as a future American Income Life Leader is to guide others on their path toward greatness. As Ackerman says, if an Agent needs some help and is willing to meet you halfway, don’t be afraid to offer them some guidance or encouragement.

The American Income Life Family is About Teamwork

Like a caring family, American Income Life representatives support each other and come together to strengthen their Offices. Flying solo will only take you so far, and it will never catapult you to become a great leader. Only supporting and building your team will get you to that level.

How have you mentored other Agents to help accomplish their goals at American Income Life? Let us know in the comments what steps you’ve taken to strengthen your team.

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