American Income Life Leadership Academy: The Finale

American Income Life - Creating disciplined warriors in the field

American Income Life –  ”…ending the week as full-blown ninja warriors.”


From Brandon Cooley and Martin Groves’ fantastic presentations on Tuesday to Steve Greer and Richard Meshulan’s ultra-beneficial comments on Wednesday, AIL Leadership Academy has been building towards a climax ever since attendees first stepped foot in the Home Office … well, today is that climax.

Simon Arias, the #1 SGA in the Company, Mike Sheets, VP of Field Laptop Development, and other top-notch speakers are due to close Leadership Academy in electrifying fashion. After only two short days, the attitude among attendees has changed … it’s as if these attendees began the week as aspiring martial artists and are ending the week as full-blown ninja warriors.

With their new found status as graduates of Leadership Academy, attendees are leaving McKinney loaded with knowledge and vision, but also added responsibility.

As Roger Smith says, “Agency Builders have a responsibility to help new Agents when they’re hired, and more importantly, to provide INFLUENCE to those new Agents. In order to influence though, Agency Builders must be trusted, and the only way to gain trust in this business is RESULTS.” Fortunately, results will be seen IN SPADES upon the completion of this week’s Leadership Academy!

Now that we’re nearing the end of #AILLA101, what was the most VALUABLE information you can’t wait to impart to others in your Agency?

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