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Perseverence at American Income Life

Perseverence at American Income Life

When things get difficult or frustrating, it can be so easy to give up on trainees, agents, and managers. Sometimes it just seems easier to leave them alone or, even worse, hope that they will just go away. Nothing seems to be going right, and you just want to blame everybody and everything but yourself.

We have all been there. So, what differentiates some of us? Why do some go on and some give in? It comes down to perseverance!!!!

So just what is Perseverance?

It can be defined as the quality that allows someone to continue trying and moving forwards no matter the circumstances: a “never-say-never” attitude and mindset.

For those of us that don’t persevere: we start things and then find reasons why suddenly that agent we hired or manager we promoted now can’t do their job. Then we move onto the next person, always thinking and believing that there is someone better out there. And so the pattern continues. However, by stopping before you’ve given them everything you have to offer, you’re likely missing out on some really good people who have the potential to achieve greatness at American Income Life.

We are going to have bad days, maybe even bad weeks, but with the right attitude, mindset, and desire we will persevere and overcome. This is when our people need us most. How many of us started quickly? I’m sure there are many examples of American Income Life agents, managers, and SGA’s that got off to a rocky start. But someone continued to believe in them, gave them a chance, and hung in there with them long enough for them to be successful.

This is where we come in as Leaders. We talk about holding people accountable all the time, but are we really doing everything we can? Are we really giving our agents and managers everything we have before we give up on them? Are we persevering with the people we hire, train, manage, and coach? When your American Income Life agents and managers need you the most, are you there for them? Do you have the mentality – “good enough to hire, good enough to keep”?

Not surprisingly, studies have shown that the number one reason businesses fail is not a lack of money, it’s a lack of the business owner being accountable. We must be accountable to our people.

You need persistence and fortitude. You need to hang in there till the final whistle sounds, until there is no time left on the clock. You need to get up one more time than you get knocked over.

Here are some examples of people with great Perseverance…

Abraham Lincoln lost countless elections before becoming President of the United States.

Henry Ford failed and went broke five times before he finally succeeded. His first car had a glaring design flaw – no reverse gear! When asked about his secret to success, he replied, “Just finish it.”

Stephen King sent his first book to at least 50 publishers – and got rejected.

If there is one factor that everyone who’s ever succeeded has, it’s that they keep going, often in the face of massive adversity. They simply possess the “never-give-up” mentality. They have the will to win and the drive to succeed; they just want to make life better for themselves and the people around them, no matter the odds.

Do you have that? Is that who you are?

So they push and scrape and fight, but most of all, they never quit in their pursuit of personal excellence for themselves or the people around them. They Persevere!!!

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