American Income Life Personal Trainer Analogy

American Income Life Regional Sales Director Steve Kafkis

American Income Life Regional Sales Director Steve Kafkis

A personal trainer is usually hired to make us feel and look better. We can look at ourselves as personal trainers too. People are hiring us to make them successful.

Say you hired a personal trainer and he showed you the schedule to make you lose weight and get fit. What happens if part of the schedule is lifting weights, doing 100 sit-ups and 50 push-ups, etc…and you are struggling to finish your sets, then your personal trainer says “it’s OK, you did your best…” If that happens every time you see your personal trainer, then at the end of your 90 day training session you see no improvement, what do you do? You fire your personal trainer, because he didn’t  hold you accountable for the things it was going to take to make you look better.

The personal trainer analogy is similar to what we do at American Income Life. People hire us to make them successful, and if we don’t hold them accountable for the things we know will make them successful, they will fire us too and quit! In my opinion, the most important piece of our puzzle in making people successful is ACTIVITY! If activity is the most important piece, why do we slack on accountability? As leaders, we need to pave the way for our people to be successful, and many times we fail to do so.

Every area and territory is different, but if you dissect the numbers from your WAR reports, you will see that most of the time the ones that have the most activity are the ones writing the most business. That is especially the case for first-6-month agents. The number one reason people leave American Income Life is money. When they are making money, they rarely leave. So if we know that the more activity someone has, the more money they make, then why aren’t we holding them accountable? We are worried about too many other things to make them successful…I’m not saying classroom training is not important, but if they don’t schedule enough appointments, the best trained agent will write minimal business. This is because they are limiting themselves on how many people they see, and unfortunately with minimal appointments, you create more variables around you that you can’t control.

Here is a mistake we all make during the week. Agents come in to schedule 16 appointments on Monday for Tuesday and Wednesday (8 and 8) and they start making calls at 4 pm and call till 9 pm. This is almost impossible to achieve. If they don’t come in with pre-set appointments (at least 8 from door knocks and appointments rolled over from the weekend), they will struggle to schedule their full 16 in that minimum time frame. Can it be done? Sure, but not on a regular basis, because you are limiting your window of opportunity to a short 4-5 hour time span. What if someone is working the night shift that night or week? What happens then?

Here are statistics of one AIL Agency…They had 20 people from the agency schedule 25+ appointments. of that 20, 16 bonused (80%), and 11 of the 16 wrote over $2,000. Would you take those numbers? People who make money stick around, and it creates a better culture within the agency!!!!!!

We need to hold our people accountable to the numbers as much as a personal trainer holds his clients accountable to the sets needed to make you look better. Even though it hurts, it pays off in the long run. A personal trainer’s mission is to apply their extensive knowledge and experience toward helping people achieve a higher level of fitness and improved quality of life…

Shouldn’t our mission at American Income Life be similar?

Shouldn’t our mission be to apply our extensive knowledge and expertise toward helping people achieve a higher level of financial success and improve the quality of life for their families?

To do that, we need to make sure our people are held responsible to a minimum of 32 scheduled appointments a week (for some territories it may be higher than that). This will help secure success in this business, and it will insure our people stay around longer to enjoy the successes of renewals for a lifetime…it will hurt, but it will pay off in the long run….NO PAIN, NO GAIN!!!

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