American Income Life – What Do We Need?

What do you need? Seriously…what do you need? Please don’t confuse this with what you want….two very different issues. It has been said that, as humans, there are only four things that we truly need in our lives. All we really need is:

  • Something to do
  • Something to believe in
  • Someone to love
  • Something to look forward to

I’m not sure of the origin of this, but I have heard former Notre Dame Coach Lou Holtz refer to this. To me, this comment says so much and truly gives us a guideline to measure our own priorities. How would this apply to us?

What do we need at American Income Life?

What do we need at American Income Life?

Do we have something to do? You better believe it, not only do we have organizations to build and insurance to sell, we have an opportunity unlike most. We have the opportunity to help others create something for them that can change the course of their lives and their family’s lives for years to come. Yes, we have something very important to do.

Do we have something to believe in? This is clearly a reference to faith. Faith in whatever your personal beliefs are is a critical part of what many of us need daily. Many people get their strength, guidance, peace, wisdom and hope from their faith. What about us? Are we making sure others have something to believe in? We have OPPORTUNITY UNLIMITED! Can they believe in the opportunity? Can they believe in our leadership? In addition to their own personal beliefs, we must make sure we give every individual something to believe in. Let’s make sure they believe in American Income Life, they believe in us, and they believe in OPPORTUNITY UNLIMITED!Do we have someone to Love? I’m sure we all have someone to love: our families and our friends. There is nothing more rewarding than the unconditional acceptance and support from the most important people in our lives. Sometimes it can be tough – sometimes it hurts, but that’s how it’s meant to be. In our work lives there’s so much to love as well, but the important thing is make sure the people we work with know we care and love them. There’s not much more important than knowing you’re accepted, important, and part of the team. Let’s create something that’s a part of what people can love.

Do we have something to look forward to? This can mean many things for people. Depending on where you are in your journey, you can be looking forward to many things. It might be marriage, kids, travel, retirement, and much more. What are you looking forward to? Whatever it is, we can’t overlook the journey along the way. Our journey with American Income Life is unlike any other. We have this amazing opportunity to build something incredibly special to help people. We get to see people grow and develop into builders and leaders. We get to help thousands of families with the protection they need. Yes, we all have so much to look forward to…not just at the end our career, but every day. Let’s make sure that we help those we work with have something to look forward to as well.

Is that it? Can that really be all we need? I’m not sure. I do know if we create an environment where people feel like they are part of a mission where they receive guidance, hope, and leadership; an environment where they feel like they are cared for and are part of a team; an environment where they know where they are headed and what’s in it for them, then we have given them a part of what they need. If, we do that, then I’m confident that we have received most of what we need.

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