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Field reps at American Income Life use Twitter like a breeze. It’s a tropical breath of fresh air. You guys LOVE to recognize your team members. Share good news. Motivate each other. Initiate friendly competition. It’s truly awesome to see AIL Tweeting in action.

Twitter is About Action

That’s what Twitter is about.  Action.  The here and now. Tweeting is so popular because it’s easy. Fast. Right now. Short and to-the-point.

Don’t have a lot of time?  No prob. Twitter limits you to 140 characters. Characters, not words. You gotta be creative and concise when you tweet.

Agents, PR reps, and Managers can tweet in between appointments. During lunch. During a Snickers break at the office. Point is, tweeting doesn’t and shouldn’t take a lot of time.

American Income Life Leaders on Twitter

Simon Arias is on Twitter. Sabrina Lloyd is on Twitter. Theo Pappas is on Twitter. Ever heard of those guys?

As a graduate of one of Leadership Academy’s prestigious courses, a career goal of yours should be to join the leagues of those aforementioned. If owning an Agency is not your goal, what is?

While Twitter is fast and simple, always, always keep in mind your professional online image. Your professional online image is SO important that I want to repeat what I just said. Always, always think before you tweet.

Don’t Miss Out!!!

If you aren’t on Twitter, you may miss some great stuff – exactly when the news breaks.  Like recognition from the Home Office or your SGA. When one of our sister companies names a Major League Ballpark. Convention updates. Contest winners. Initiatives.

Don’t miss out!  During Leadership Academy 101, you learned all about Twitter, so if you haven’t created a Twitter account, you need to do that – now. Be sure to follow American Income Life on Twitter, follow @AIL_NILICO today.

Share below what American Income Life leaders you follow on Twitter and why.

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