Are We Selling the Dream at American Income Life?

Nathan Widloe - American Income Life Regional Sales Director

Nathan Widloe – American Income Life Regional Sales Director

As SGAs at American Income life, we are obligated to give our agents the same opportunity we were afforded. When we all walked in as agents we were coached, mentored, and taught to be leaders. We can’t assume that everyone who walks through the door has the skills and ability to lead others. It is our responsibility to develop them into persons of greatness.

People join AIL because they want what they have never had – wealth, freedom, and financial security for a lifetime. They have stepped out of their comfort zones and said to themselves “I’m trusting you.” We should have the attitude that everyone who walks in the door is a future SGA. When you walked into your first interview, did you know it would be you who was going to run your own territory? Probably not. They joined AIL to be you. This is a great company that offers opportunity like no other in the Life Insurance Industry. When it comes down to it, they believe in you. You can have the fanciest office, be the best dressed, and have the flashiest car, but none of that matters if they don’t see your vision and passion.

Andrew Carnegie, the venerable steel magnate, said “my greatest accomplishment was not becoming a millionaire; it was making 30 other people millionaires.” Obviously, not every agent is going to stay around and realize their dreams. It would make our lives a lot easier, but it’s not a reality. If we don’t lead them to their full potential then someone else will.

When I started in this business as an agent I knew nothing of building an organization. I didn’t know how to be a leader until the person that recruited me showed me how. I never read books on leadership and success.  I knew that I didn’t have what my mentor had, but I did know that I wanted it. Someone told me once that “we owe it to ‘em, to show it to ‘em.” As an SGA body you have all worked very hard to get to where you’re at, but to keep it you have to give it away. The key to this business is to surround yourselves with talented people and duplicate you. If you do that doesn’t that make your life easier?

“But how do I accomplish this?” Teach them what you’ve been taught; give them what you’ve been given. Most people who walk through our doors have been broken. As leaders at American Income Life you have the power to fix it. Our agents are who you used to be and want what you have become. We have been given the great gift of being able to change someone’s life. Now be your best; give them your best because you never know who is going to walk through that door.

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