Are You a Boss or a Leader at American Income Life?

Kevin Dunn - American Income Life Director of New SGA Development

Kevin Dunn – American Income Life Director of New SGA Development

Have you ever heard of a business that doesn’t have a Boss? Probably not; the title of Boss goes to most anyone in a position of authority. Now, have you ever heard of a business that doesn’t have a Leader? Probably, in fact you’ve most likely experienced the situation yourself.

We have talked about the essence of leadership before. A Leader is someone in a position of authority that others look to for guidance and direction. This isn’t quite the same as being the Boss. A Boss may be someone who gives orders and tells others what to do, but people may tend to go to someone else for clear direction or to discuss business matters. That person is a Leader. He or she is the person who people have faith to get them through a difficult situation or who they look to for instruction and guidance.

Faith and Trust are two determining factors of who will become a Leader and who simply becomes the Boss. Anyone can get a promotion or a new title; not everyone earns the faith and trust of people in the Organization.

It’s important to instill this feeling in those you work with; we all need people to be responsible for their roles and responsibilities. Without that someone governing the whole, no organization or group can accomplish what it sets out to do.

Leaders at American Income Life need to be dependable and consistent in their actions. They need to respect others for their abilities and skills, and they need to be confident enough to take charge of a situation to delegate effectively. This confidence translates to others, and when they receive their direction, they feel confident about the decision as well as their ability to carry it out. People expect Leaders to provide support, be committed, and lead from the front.

The short answer as to what defines a Leader is the level of trust and respect that people have for a person.

Without good, confident direction that inspires trust, leadership is lacking. That can create a situation of discontent and mutiny which may find people looking for someone to better guide them in their efforts and endeavors. Individuals may feel no positive outcome is possible from their work or that the decision is illogical. In that case, they might feel obliged to make their own decisions that may or may not be the right choices.

Strong leadership has proven itself repeatedly in successful businesses. It can seal business survival and create a working atmosphere geared towards positive results. People are happier when well guided and managed to perform. The whole result is a harmonious environment oriented towards growth and success.

American Income Life, like any other organization, needs motivated leaders to continue to grow. Are you a leader or a boss?

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