Build Relationships for American Income Life Leadership Academy 301

Sixty days ago, you charged full speed into American Income Life Leadership Academy 201 and spent two days soaking up as much wisdom as possible from AIL’s most notable leaders and your elite peers. You’ve used the past two months to put that advice to work in your Office and hone in on your next target:  Leadership Academy 301. Last month, SGA Steve Greer reminded you success is a journey, not a destination. What you make of your journey will determine your strength as a leader, but you can only be as strong as the people you count on.

Need a refresher on how to strengthen your team? Your Leadership Academy 201 mentor, Vice President of Field Operations Martin Groves, is here to remind you why a solid relationship with your team is crucial to advancing your career.

VP Martin Groves on Relationship Building

How to Get to #AILLA301

As Martin points out, your team members have unique personalities, backgrounds, and aspirations guiding them. As their leader, your responsibility is to get in tune with each of them and ensure your team achieves a harmony. Ultimately, how you handle the bonds within your team will dictate its level of success and, in turn, your own.

How are you fostering a synergized team to get yourself on the path to American Income Life Leadership Academy 301? Tell us in the comments below!

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