Climbing to the Top at American Income Life

American Income Life Regional Director of Sales Joe Bennett

American Income Life Regional Director of Sales Joe Bennett

The way I see it, there are basically three ways to get to the peak of a mountain.

1.  Hot-Air Balloon (or use some other flying device)
2.  Parachute and land at the top
3.  Climb

I am talking about the tip of a mountain where there are no roads, trains or trails accessible for anything motorized to offer assistance.

Two of the ways will provide breath-taking views and exhilarating emotions. They will also offer unique experiences and, I believe, memories which will last a lifetime.

However, I want to focus on the third option: CLIMBING. In my opinion, this option has the best teachable moments which can be transferred to others. In fact, if I want to climb a mountain, the first thing I would search for is someone else who has successfully accomplished the task. They will know the pitfalls and dangers associated with our risky climb. They will be able to point out where to step and guide us to points and positions which are the best vantage points for our climb.

Additionally, I would also surround myself with others who are serious about mountain climbing. I do not want people who would distract me from my goal, because the task at hand is very important and certainly has an element of risk.

Hopefully, the application to leadership in our business is clearly evident.

There is only one acceptable way to the top – CLIMB. The top can be different for each person; it may be the next contract level, or maybe it is to be the CEO of the company. Once you have identified which goal fits you, then you must begin.

Step 1.  The preparation for mountain climbing is very exhausting but extremely important, just as training is for our industry. Effective training can impact our success for a long time. It can help in our quality of business and ultimately positively impact our retention and residual incomes.

Step 2.  Search for your leader to help you on this journey.  This person should be able to help you recognize what you need to do and avoid in order to experience success. They will go before you, beside you, or even sometimes behind you— pushing you to your goal. This person will be your biggest cheerleader at times, and other times they will be your biggest critic. Again, this is needed for your success.

Step 3.  Enjoy the journey. As you climb your mountain, enjoy the views. Never forget what we do: we bring hope to people during very difficult times. We need to appreciate the privilege we have to make a difference with the products we offer and the Company we represent. I repeat, enjoy the journey.

Step 4.  As you climb and you encounter other “climbers”, help each other to remain focused on your goals. Competition is healthy among peers, but carefully be mindful of people who wish to distract you from your goal. Sometimes these distractions can occur in the form of a poor attitude, poor work ethic or even a willingness to take shortcuts. Obviously, these can be detrimental to your ascent.

Step 5.  Be willing to lead others. As you reach your peak, certainly others have noticed and will want to see how it was accomplished. Help them. Be willing to say “Follow me to the top.”

Finally, by all means START CLIMBING.

See you at the TOP!!!

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