Expectations: Exceeded at American Income Life!

Big Ideas at American Income Life

Big Ideas at American Income Life

If the first day of Leadership Academy was The Godfather, then the second day will be The Godfather Part II – a thrilling sequel just as good as its predecessor with an equally outstanding cast.

Attendees are being mesmerized by amazing performances from Domenic Bertini, Larry Strong, Steve Greer, and Richard Meshulan. Today’s topics include Talent Management and Quality Business, and that’s just the start. From recruiting to needs-based sales, the speakers are delivering big time today with topics tied to ESTABLISHING A VISION.  But at Leadership Academy, speakers dive much deeper than establishing a vision. Attendees learn how to provide INFLUENCE, set up STRONG SYSTEMS, IMPLEMENT those systems, and INSPECT those systems – the jobs of a leader, says Roger Smith, CEO of AIL/NILICO.

With a quick glance around the Home Office, it’s clear things are changing. BIG VISIONS are being established, and attendees are becoming more empowered with every passing minute to implement those big visions in their own Agencies.

But we’re not done yet. Tomorrow is the triumphant finale of #AILLA101. The last round of American Income Life and National Income Life heavy hitters to take the stage tomorrow include Simon Arias (the top SGA in the Company!), Mike Sheets, and others. SGAs, get ready –Agents are heading home tomorrow changed men and women … more prepared, more dedicated, and more intent on recruiting and team-building than ever before.

Attendees – as this second day of Leadership Academy unfolds, what tips or techniques are you MOST excited to take back to your Agency?

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