Find your Second Wind and Finish Strong with American Income Life

Finish Strong in 2013 at American Income Life

Finish Strong in 2013 at American Income Life

Whether you are in contention for having your best year as an American Income Life agency, making a “comeback” in the 4th quarter, or rebounding off of a tough 2013 season, you owe it to yourself to perform and posture your agency to yield results at optimal levels and find your second wind to finish the fourth quarter on the highest possible note. You see, depending on how you finish the 2013 season will directly affect your start to the race in 2014 – much like the example of a track and field relay race.

Preparing to hand off the 2013 baton to your teammate who is awaiting to run the 2014 race; your delivery with momentum and precision will be the difference maker whether you are going to lead the race in January or play catch-up while other agencies are passing you up. That awaiting teammate is your business: give your business the effort, momentum, intensity, and pace it deserves by sprinting to the finish line!

Below are five action steps to trigger behaviors that essentially lead to finding your wind at American Income Life and finishing strong in 2013:

  1. Control your emotions and focus on activities that you can control such as hires and presentation count in the field – remember, an emotional leader has the tendency to lose perspective and not think clearly in times of extreme focus. Stay focused on team objectives.
  2. Your greatest value at this moment is intensity – build a high level of intensity around recruiting and field activity, and get complete buy-in from your management team. Your managers will help drive the intensity needed for momentum to occur. Intensity not only sparks initial movement, but it also sustains momentum.
  3. Account for every day left in the remainder of the year and exhaust all options. “Chunk it down” utilizing mind mapping. This is a technique utilized to compress daily/weekly activities. The exercise is as follows:
    • Step 1: Center circle: in the center of the circle write down the goal.
    • Step 2: Outside circles: divide the goal(s) into the major categories of tasks you’ll need to accomplish to achieve the ultimate goal.
    • Step 3: Spokes: draw outward spokes that come off of your outside circles. These are controllable action items that, if implemented with a daily action plan and high level of intensity, will have a dramatic impact to our goal of finding our second wind and finishing strong.
  4. Emphasize a united effort that is on offense at this point and time. This is a high scoring team that is not careless but calculated in their efforts. Drive the remaining days in 2013 with high intensity. As mentioned, the team is here to score in the remaining days of the 4th Quarter and add a high level of momentum going into the 2014 season.
  5. “45”…Set aside 45 minutes at the end of each day to self-assess what went well for the day and what needs to be accomplished first and foremost the next day. This 45 minute session is a common theme among successful individuals because it highlights the good which compounds positive behaviors and moves performance into the “great” category. Furthermore, according to psychologists, the last 45 minutes of the day has a huge influence on your sleep and your next day. This is because during the night your unconscious mind replays and processes the late-night input up to six times more often than anything else you experienced during the day.
  6. As a parent of twins, I can attest that this is also why reading good bedtime stories is so important for children – not just to get them to fall asleep, but because of the repeated messages, lessons, and morals of story become part of the child’s consciousness. In summary, the common message at the end of the everyday is for each one of us to play our role and finish the 2013 season strong so that we may have an expeditious start to 2014.

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