Get Disciplined for American Income Life Leadership Academy 201

 You aced American Income Life Leadership Academy 101 more than 90 days ago. Believe it or not, it’s been three months since the words of leaders like EVP Rob Falvo and CEO Roger Smith enveloped your ears. Three months since you relished mouth-watering steaks at Braza Dancante. And three months since you embarked on a path with one destination:  American Income Life’s Leadership Academy 201.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. First, you must prove you’re motivated and disciplined enough to join the ranks of the esteemed attendees who qualify for Leadership Academy 201. We caught up with SGA David Ackerman to get the scoop on sharpening your skills in time for 201.

SGA David Ackerman on Discipline and Motivation

Discipline is in the Water at American Income Life

Ackerman’s words should be echoing in your head right now:  “It’s not about what you feel like doing. It’s about what will take you to the vision you have.” In other words, hone in on growing your team and developing their talents, day in and day out. This kind of discipline hinges on repetition and consistency. Don’t just take our word for it – look at leaders like 2013 SGA of the Year Sabrina Lloyd, Individual Top Producer Mark Neilson, or even your fellow #AILLA101 grads. This crew is marked with an air of discipline, a staple for any Leadership Academy 201 hopeful.

American Income Life Leadership Academy 201: It’s Go Time

The time is now. You’ve utilized the past 90 days to jumpstart your journey to advanced leadership. Now, round your last lap. Electrify your career with the spark that comes from attending American Income Life’s Leadership Academy 201. Feel the jolt? Tell us on American Income Life’s Official Facebook page how you plan to qualify for #AILLA201!

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