Get LinkedIn at American Income Life

Get LinkedIn at American Income Life

LinkedIn can be powerful for recruiting.  97% of companies using Social Media use LinkedIn for recruiting purposes.  Aren’t you building a business?  Aren’t you an entrepreneur, looking to grow your team?  Your answers should be yes and yes, or else you didn’t consume enough Red Bull and slept through all the speakers at Leadership Academy.

Taking LinkedIn at American Income Life to the Next Rung on the Ladder

Now I want to talk to the overachievers. Those who always want to find an edge over the competition.  If you are ready to take your career to the next level, you absolutely need to make sure you complete these LinkedIn action items:

 1.       Upload a photo of yourself

Not just any photo.  A professional headshot.  You want to be dressed in your best business attire.  No sunglasses.  Think church picture your grandma would frame.  The size of the photo is relatively small and should be focused on shoulders up, so make sure your hair, and any facial hair, are well groomed.  Although this should be a photo of you in professional gear, you can have someone snap it on their smartphone, or you can take a selfie.  No need to spend a lot on Glamour Shots.

2.       Edit and customize your LinkedIn URL

This is probably easiest to do when you are on a desktop.  When you are logged into LinkedIn, click on ‘Profile’.  Under your photo, your LinkedIn URL should be displayed.  To customize this URL, click on ‘Edit Profile,’ then click on ‘Edit’ under your picture.  Customize your LinkedIn URL so it is shortened and includes your name.  Then, you can add it to your business cards and email signature.  Much more professional.

3.       Follow AIL and NILICO company LinkedIn pages

If you’re looking for an edge, here’s one.  We post late-breaking news on AIL’s and NILICO’s Company LinkedIn pages, as well as American Income Life’s other Official Social Media platforms.  Be in the right-now know by remaining engaged with your Company.

To be a good leader, you first have to be a good follower.  So, follow these tips and magical things will happen.  Promise.  I look forward to seeing you guys at a future Leadership Academy.

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