Have You Realized Your Power at American Income Life?

In the movie Spiderman, as Peter Parker was starting to realize his new power  his Uncle Ben said to him, ”With great power comes great responsibility.” As leaders at American Income Life, we all have that power. We can influence people in our organizations to have a positive or negative impact on someone’s life. When we hire an agent we have an awesome responsibility to that agent and his or her family. In most cases they are stepping outside their comfort zone into a performance based position and saying, “OK, I trust you that this will work.” I remember someone saying to me that once I had recruited my first agent I gave up the right to be ordinary. Peter Parker realized it and had to answer this question for himself, “Do I use my power for good or evil? Either way I am no longer ordinary.”

This affixes to all areas of life. If parents don’t give their children 100% of themselves to prepare their kids for life and raise them to be persons of integrity with character, won’t that have a negative effect?  Bad kids are not born to be bad; they simply had a bad leader which translates to a total lack of leadership. Do the all-American successful families such as the Kennedy, Bush, and Rockefeller families have a different genetic code than any of us that makes them generationally successful? No, they all had fathers who were very successful, and therefore their children became successful by emulating the hard work and dedication of their leader. We were all born the same: neither successful nor unsuccessful, but something affects us during the journey of life that makes us so.

UCLA would not have won 10 NCAA national championships if John Wooden had not given his players his best leadership day after day. He is not much different from us in that he had to recruit good people and develop them. With that said, his accomplishments are nothing short of miraculous. His leadership changed lives. I highly doubt that, if he wouldn’t have given his all, Lew Alcindor (Kareem Abdul Jabarr) and Bill Walton would have become NBA legends.

Leadership is attitude. If people are negative around their coworkers, does that not lead them to negativity? If we are rude to a waitress because our coffee is cold, we lead the waitress to having a bad day just because of one thing we said. Think if the opposite happened and it was realized that mistakes are made and we made no big deal of it; it could be a different day for the waitress.

If we give people our best, we will get the best in return. As leaders, we don’t have the right not to! Leadership is power. People starve and crave for great leadership. A perfect example is the election process for the presidency of the United States. Crowds turn out by the thousands to hear the candidate speak. Americans volunteer on a local level to help get their candidate elected. We are glued to the TV watching the campaign coverage, especially on election night. On Election Day, tens of millions of Americans cast their votes to get their candidate in office. What am I saying? That people want leadership so bad that they will work hard to get it.

Great Leadership makes people do what they would never do or what they thought they could not do. Great Leadership changes lives. Great leadership turns negatives into positives. Great leadership turns bad situations into good situations; it replaces frowns with smiles. Great leadership changes the world; it’s the only thing that ever has. Let’s not be irresponsible with ours at American Income Life; you never know whose life you’re changing for either better or worse. With great power comes great responsibility-well said Uncle Ben!

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Mark Ting is a Staff Writer at Torchmark Corporation, writing about American Income Life and National Income Life Insurance Companies. Google+

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