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American Income Life Regional Sales Director Scott Dehning

American Income Life Regional Sales Director Scott Dehning

I myself have read many books on the subject of success. I have heard dozens of tapes on the subject and listened to many speakers touch on the importance of and the “how to’s” of success. But I don’t believe that a super formula or a more accurate blueprint leading to success has ever been stated than the one made so famous by the immortal Will Rodgers. He was a man of few words, but in his hesitant, smiling way, he gave us some of the most profound advice I have ever heard. In his formula for success, he states quite simply, “if you want to be successful, it’s just this simple. Know what you are doing, love what you are doing, and believe in what you are doing.”

First of all, he says that we must know what we are doing. There is certainly no substitute for knowledge. In our business especially, we must realize that preparation is a constant process with no ending. It must forever be on the move; never static. School is never out for the person who really wants to succeed. There is no saturation point.

Knowledge is accumulating so fast, and methods of doing things are improving so rapidly that a person today has to run to stand still. Up to the year 1900, it was said that the accumulation of knowledge doubled every century. At the end of World War II, knowledge doubled every twenty-five years. Today, all research centers tell us that the volume of knowledge in existence doubles every five years. Now where does that leave the person today who thinks he can stand still and survive?

These constant demands of readjustment offer a challenge today that never existed before. No longer is preparation something that can be put on a shelf and forgotten about. Success itself has taken on a new definition. It might even be defined as the constant preparation of us to meet the constant changes of our economic system, or in other words, success today is more of a journey than a destination. And on this journey, we must constantly move forward toward the progressive realization of a predetermined goal. Our growth must never end! Any person who selects a lifetime goal which can be fully achieved has already defined their limitations. We at American Income Life must continue to learn and teach and implement our systems and techniques if we want to be successful and to be able to pass that knowledge on to others. Make sure your knowledge is up to date, and you too can control your destiny here at AIL.

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