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Make an IMPACT with American Income Life

By definition, impact is the powerful or dramatic effect that something or somebody has on something or someone.

IMPACT is what we have on families and communities through the connections we make. Impact causes a ripple effect that can be either positive or negative. The concept of impact is important to understand, especially when it comes to who we are and what we do. We have the opportunity to impact lives in a positive manner.

I had the privilege to speak with one of our Building Trades Councils recently. American Income Life was provided the opportunity to do so, in part because of who we are, but also because these leaders have seen the positive impact of what we do. While I was speaking, the head of a Laborers District Council commented on how we have always come through with paying claims, always being there for their members. The Business Manager of another local said that he had just received an email that morning that they had lost a member and he would be getting us the information for the claim. He knew from past experience that we were a Company that could be counted on when a member’s family was facing their darkest days.

These two labor leaders know firsthand the impact we have on their members and families. No doubt, others in that boardroom could tell similar stories of claims paid, as well.

Make an Impact with American Income Life

It’s important to understand you don’t just represent any ordinary insurance company. You represent American Income Life and you can be sure that the positive impact you choose to have on families every day increases the opportunity for us all and the impact we can have on a larger scale. You can also be sure that when you deliver our promise in good faith, we will have friends and relationships with the groups we have the privilege to serve that will grow stronger and last longer. Impact is also the power of one. You can be that one.

Please know that you are an important piece of a greater organization that is making a positive difference. From the work Team PR does in building and strengthening our relationships and heightening American Income Life’s visibility in our markets, to the kitchen table discussions that our hard working agents are having, we impact lives. And when we impact lives, we impact communities. And when our communities are supported and healthy, our countries are healthy. It’s the ripple effect we create.

Never underestimate the power you have to change a life, a community, a country. IMPACT is The Power of One.

How do you think American Income Life and National Income Life positively impact the communities we support? Share with me in the comments below.

About Susan Fuldauer

Susan Fuldauer is the Vice President of Public Relations Field Operations for American Income Life and National Income Life. She strives to support working-class Americans and build relationships with unions worldwide.

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