Leaders at American Income Life Make Great Things Happen

Greetings, American Income Life Leadership Academy 201 grads! Now that you’ve completed American Income Life Leadership Academy 201, it’s time to focus even harder on your future as a leader. At this point, you should be setting goals with your SGA that will strengthen your Agency and get you into Leadership Academy 301. To give you a quick refresher on what you learned in AILLA201, SGA Eric Giglione is here to remind you how important an effective leader can be at American Income Life.

Everything Rises and Falls on Leadership

The linchpin of any organization is always the person in charge, and that concept holds true at American Income Life. Have you accepted that the responsibility to expand your Agency rests squarely on your shoulders? More than almost anything else, your effectiveness as a leader will determine you and your fellow Agents’ success.

American Income Life Leaders Bring Out the Best in Others

There’s much more to being a leader than telling others what to do. Leadership is about guiding people onto a path that will bring out their best qualities, allowing them to do fantastic work as a result. Exceptional leaders can bolster their Agencies most by supporting their American Income Life team members’ accomplishments.

Leadership is Influence

Part of your duties as an American Income Life leader will involve wielding a tremendous amount of influence over other people, which is not something to be taken lightly. Your goal should be to inspire people to do better and achieve more than they think is possible. Lifting your own career up as an example to follow should be the perfect motivation for your team.

What are you doing to inspire others and build your Agency? Will your influence and hard work take you to American Income Life’s Leadership Academy 301? Let us know in the comments!

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