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American Income Life leadership tipsKevin Dunn - American Income Life Director of New SGA DevelopmentKevin Dunn – American Income Life Director of New SGA Development talks about using momentum in order to keep moving forward. Read his message to find out which are the qualities of a true leader:

Don’t let past glories slow you down. True leaders have new objectives waiting in the wings that they immediately begin to pursue, the moment the present objective is complete. It’s the momentum that keeps you moving forward. Keep the energy high or things can change from good to bad. Its momentum that ensures that your team maintains their enthusiasm and remains in motion

You are going to need discipline, drive and determination to be a true leader. The price that one pays for mastery is discipline. You can’t have success without it. Every day you need to devote yourself to the perfection of the path you have chosen to peruse. By doing this you will achieve self mastery. Achieve self mastery and you will have developed the essence of a great leader. Discipline is about developing powerful habits and at one point those habits will become your identity.

If you have the discipline you will keep moving forward. Keep moving forward to provide growth for you and your team in character, in strengths and virtues.

Albeit Einstein said that compound interest was the most powerful force in our society. Discipline and perseverance are a lot like the principle of compound interest – the more committed you are towards your objectives, the greater the momentum you will build. In the beginning your progress may seem small, but as one success gets stacked upon another, the momentum you generate will make you a force to be reckoned with.

The opposite result is to decay over time.

Always Know – What is your New Objective?

Always be a Leader.

If you’re not sure – act like a Leader and support others like a Leader.

“What really makes greatness is white hot action around red hot ideas. A genius idea alone has zero value” – Robin Sharma

Even before the end of your current task you should be asking: What is my New Objective?

It’s strange that when you research the topic of Leadership there is no clear definition. Leadership is a very broad concept and there are many different types of Leadership. There are a number of words that describe the qualities that many leaders possess, I believe that many of these qualities you too can’t help but possess. Here are the qualities that many of the world’s top leaders possess – believers, listeners, kindness, disciplined, imagination, excellence, determined, enthusiastic, responsible, humility, influential, vision, they reinforce core values, attitude of ownership, refuse to lose attitude, great habits, mental toughness, understand emotions, pro-active, love, focus, action orientated, persistent, patient, integrity, passionate, creative, flexible, compassionate, confident, calm, optimistic, assertive, courageous, decisive, accountable, to list just some. Is it any wonder that Leadership is defined in so many different ways by different people?

Keep practicing Leadership in every little task you perform and many of these qualities will be yours to enjoy.

Note: Based on an Article by Lee Coates, Leadership Articles Magazine and Website.

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