Leave a Positive Mark and a Lasting Legacy at American Income Life

Larry Strong - American Income Life VP Agency Leadership Development

Larry Strong – American Income Life VP Agency Leadership Development

“There is a choice you make in everything you do. So keep in mind that in the end, the choice you make, makes you.”  –John Wooden

In a few short weeks we will once again have the opportunity to honor and pay tribute to those American Income Life SGA’s who will be recipients of “The Legacy” award. The award is specifically designed to recognize those among us who realize there is no greater honor than leading, coaching, mentoring and developing someone into a leader worthy of the coveted position of SGA.

A legacy is something we have complete control over. We choose the way in which our influence is used here and now as well as how our influence will remain after we are gone. Here are a few reminders of how we can be more purposeful in making sure we leave A POSITIVE MARK and LASTING LEGACY.

1.  Integrate and establish a daily strategic focus with a long-term view. Leaders who have a present and enduring influence tend to keep one eye on the compass and the other eye on the clock. They have the ability to look ahead without losing sight of what needs to happen today. They are intentional about making sure the key drivers of the business get executed daily and weekly in order to ensure their long-term objectives and goals are achieved. They have a dual micro and macro vision.

2.  Establish a direction that is clear to all.  The hard truth is that when our time on earth reaches the final chapter, people will describe our life in a single sentence. PICK THAT SENTENCE NOW. Be intentional about the type of influence you want to have on the people and the world around you. I live each day with my own personal legacy statement on the forefront of my mind…”With his faith as his foundation, Larry Strong strived to make a positive impact on others, encouraging them in turn to positively impact those within their scope of influence.” Keeping how I want to be remembered in front of me helps me stay focused on what is really important. What is your legacy statement?

3.  Develop your inner circle. We can’t have influence without relationships. Those closest to us determine the level of our success. There may be nothing more predictive of our legacy than the quality of people surrounding us. Take a look at your inner circle and you will have a pretty decent mirror of what the status of your current influence quotient is as well as your potential future legacy.

4.  Commit to humility.  There are a lot of smart people, yet not as many wise people. Having a teachable disposition will virtually guarantee personal growth and success. Believe it or not, we are not the only ones who may have an idea worth considering. All great coaches, teachers and leaders commit to learning something every day, using every opportunity to ask questions, accept when they have made unwise decisions and strive to apply what they have learned. Leaving a positive legacy requires having a lifelong learning attitude.

5.  Seek constant inner renewal.  There is an old saying, “You cannot travel without until you have traveled within.” Another way of saying this is “One cannot give what one does not have.” If we want to have the kind of influence that transforms others, we have to first be transformed ourselves. So what is your primary reason, the driving force behind the work? What is your WHY? Is your WHY today the same as it was some time ago and is it still a good enough WHY? Successful careers have come to a screeching halt, throwing off the rider because their WHY needed renewing and it didn’t get done. Make sure you have a really good grasp on your WHY. Truth is, the WHAT doesn’t matter unless the WHY makes sense.

We will all leave our “mark”; our personal legacy. The real question before us is will we leave the one we want? The best way to ensure we leave nothing in the bag is to have an “on purpose” commitment to passing on a positive legacy.

Stay Strong! Lead On!

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