Made it Through American Income Life Leadership Academy 101: Postgrads

Congratulations, superstars! You came to the Home Office, aced our intense leadership training, and officially graduated from #AILLA101 with flying colors! Even though Leadership Academy 101 has come to an end, today marks the start of a new beginning for you and your team. While you’re probably feeling sad about leaving all of the excitement, just think about what could be ahead, #AILLA201!

You have the skills and knowledge, so now it’s time to put them to the test. Get back to your office and start implementing all that you’ve learned IMMEDIATELY! Before you know it, you’ll be taking your team straight to the top. Stay focused and see if you can score a spot at American Income Life Leadership Academy 201!

What was the most valuable piece of leadership advice you gained this week? Will you be back for #AILLA201? Let us know!

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