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American Income Life Regional Director of Sales Martin Groves

American Income Life Regional Director of Sales Martin Groves

Another successful Leadership Academy has just finished in McKinney, Texas. It was extremely rewarding seeing so many new faces all smiling, pumped up ready to go on the first day of the conference as they arrived at the American Income Life home office. At every Academy, without fail, we get leaders who have been with us for different lengths of time enthusiastically telling us that they could not believe how great the experience has been or how much they have discovered about our Company, Opportunity Unlimited,  AND themselves!!  Over the next few days we then got incredible feedback on our AIL blog and written statements on how the Leadership Academy had changed their perception of the company and more importantly THEIR opportunity with AIL.  It was three packed days of transferring belief!

Here is a powerful blog from Day 2 of American Income Life Leadership Academy 101:

“This is one of the most amazing experiences I have ever had. This has been nothing less than motivating and above everything influential. The powerful words of the speakers and what everyone has said has reinforced why I am here and is going to continue to push me to be better every day, not only in what I do with American Income Life but more importantly with the influence I will continue to put on others as I build and continue to grow my agency. I know and believe IT IS MY TIME!!” - Vicky Ducharme

In speaking to the attendees at LDS, the most impressionable thing for me was that everybody had a different “light bulb” moment or “buy-in” time to appreciate how real and tangible Opportunity Unlimited is. This is where I believe we have a tremendous opportunity to have a positive influence on our agents earlier, so that we can improve agent retention.

Belief: conviction of the truth of some statement or the reality of some being or phenomenon especially when based on examination of evidence. – Merriam-Webster

So, why is the transfer of belief so important in our business? Firstly, when we are recruiting, we are selling the company and the opportunity. Once that part is done, we continue to sell the opportunity stage by stage until the belief is complete that the person has made the right choice in joining American Income Life. Selling is actually building trust and transferring belief. Also, you can’t transfer a belief you don’t have.

If you as leaders are not “ALL IN”, you will never be successful at transferring the belief. As Rob Falvo stated in his LDS speech, “you know you are all in when you don’t have a backup plan or plan B”. This positive affirmation is not something that you do once and once only. It is constant. It is constant because the people we hire go through various “phases” in their career. Here are a few of them:

1. Investigation Phase
Is this the right career?
Can I earn enough money to pay the bills?
How long will it take to get up and running?

2. Preparing Phase
Taking pre-licensing
Taking State Exam
American Income Life Training

3. Startup Phase
Setting appointments
Writing the first deal

4. Working / Monitoring Phase
Getting used to the routine

5. Difficulty / Challenge resolution Phases
Can I keep this going long term?
Am I good enough to do this?

6. Renewal / Growth Phase
Can I make enough money to retire?

As you can see, there are so many phases in which to question if one has made the right decision in joining AIL. It is our responsibility as leaders at EVERY one of these phases to be the teacher, the coach, the mentor, the support mechanism in getting the agent through the entire process. You are the safety net, you are the glue. The quicker you transfer the belief, the quicker you get someone comfortable in dealing with the many challenges in their career. This translates into confidence, enthusiasm and generally high performance individuals and teams.

The overwhelming message from the attendees at the January Leadership Academy 101 was that all the speakers had obviously done a great job at transferring their belief in the company and the opportunity. Simon Arias’s talks are so powerful and infectious; his transfer of belief is almost instantaneous to anyone listening. Many attendees spoke of their “wake up moments” in realizing that they now want to build their own agencies when they go back and had not had that belief in themselves or the opportunity before. That’s powerful. What are also powerful and probably more effective than anything else in transferring belief are real life stories of success. A very large percentage of the successful people at American Income Life have experienced some form of adversity which they have had to overcome. Many have been and are highly motivated to do whatever it takes to be successful in spite of the personal challenges they may have faced or are facing. Being highly motivated is inspirational to many. It transfers belief quickly.

Now that the leaders are home and back in their respective agencies, the baton has been passed back to you to continue the message and the transfer of belief to your new agents and leaders in your agency.

”Leadership is a transfer of belief — and great leaders inspire their teams to believe they can succeed. As a leader and manager, you are not just leading and managing people, but you are also leading and managing their beliefs. You must utilize every opportunity available to transfer your optimism.”
- John Gordon

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