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American Income Life Executive VP - Rob Falvo

American Income Life Executive VP – Rob Falvo

After many years of working with American Income Life, it has been proven to me over and over that if you want to be a leader, you must demonstrate leadership in all areas of your behavior.

In this message I would like to outline 7 suggestions to help you increase your ability to lead.

1.       Cultivate credibility.  Always be congruent in what you say and what you do.

2.       Achieve results.  That comes from providing clear direction for your people, getting feedback from others and acting on it. Define goals and deadlines, but also identify what is not important to help eliminate distractions.

3.       Acquire perspective.  Be aware of the ever-changing business environment by broadening your knowledge base and soliciting opinions. Expect to continue to evolve your approach to avoid becoming obsolete.

4.       Practice humility.  Confidence is critical to success, but overconfidence or brashness can lead to mistrust and ineffectiveness. Give others opportunities and credit when they succeed.

5.       Build leaders.  Work throughout the organization to give people the opportunity to develop solutions and expertise. Share your own leadership stories and focus on developing successors.

6.       Leverage conversations.  Use day-to-day conversations, managers meetings, lunches, personal chats or town hall style-meetings rather than formal announcements to stay in touch with agents, managers and peers about developing issues.

7.       Exercise balance.  Avoid being a workaholic. Delegate tasks and focus on what really matters to sustain your energy.

And finally, I leave you with the following thought that will help tie all of these together and help you build your business. Do all of the above with the right spirit…that of giving and sharing with others.

Possess the attitude of Christ, who was not power hungry, but rather emptied Himself.


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