Simon Arias Electrifies at American Income Life Leadership Academy


Simon Arias - American Income Life SGA

Simon Arias – American Income Life SGA

Simon Arias, American Income Life’s reigning SGA of the Year, didn’t spend the minutes leading up to his first speech reading over notes, nor did he spend it rehearsing the message he was about to impart on more than 130 future AIL leaders.

Rather, he spent the final minutes before his heavily anticipated appearance at #AILLA101 signing autographs, taking photos with attendees, and flying through the filled-to-capacity Conference Center in a Tasmanian Devil-like explosion of high fives, hugs, and even a detailed secret handshake or two.

As Scott Smith, President and CMO of AIL, introduced Simon to the #AILLA101 attendees, he recognized Simon’s undeniable celebrity-status at AIL … but Scott made clear how that status came to be: through unstoppable drive, overflowing passion, and month-after-month consistency that set the bar for high-level management performance.

Calling AIL the Company that “helped me turn from a boy to a man,” Simon spoke of the privilege he felt in addressing the next generation of American Income Life leaders. Following that brief moment of sentimentality, Simon unleashed an hour-long speech touching on the power of positive thinking, the need to invest in oneself, and the idea of perpetual self-improvement, both personally and professionally.

“My goal is to write one million per week,” Simon said with a fiery passion, along the way asking attendees of their personal vision. “One million per week,” he repeated … “I’m SPEAKING IT into existence!”

American Income Life SGA Simon Arias giving high fives before his speech at Leadership Academy 101

American Income Life SGA Simon Arias giving high fives before his speech at Leadership Academy 101

How does he plan on reaching that goal? The same way all the greats throughout history have met their goals – by overcoming negative thought; by working on themselves; by taking control of their own destiny.

“To overcome negative thought,” Simon says, “is to enter into a lifetime of POWER. If you invest in yourself, things around you will change,” Simon, living proof, insisted. “There are 168 hours in a week – spend seven of those hours on strengthening your mind, body, and spirit,” he said, whether that means running on the treadmill, reading inspirational words, or letting loved ones know how much you care. “Don’t tell yourself you don’t have time for these things,” Simon says. “Don’t become a slave to your negative thoughts.”

Simon spoke of the aggressive drive he applies to recruiting and Agency building, and how that no-holds-barred attitude is rooted in his past. While his past is surely unique, having grown up in an impoverished and dangerous neighborhood, it surely doesn’t make Simon “special” (no more special than the average AIL Agent, at least) – it simply provided him that extra bit of passion that, as he says, “separates the champions from the chickens.”

For some, that drive may be rooted in past failures; for others, it’s rooted in future promises. Wherever its source, you must take hold of the expectations you’ve set for yourselves and move them to the forefront of your priorities. If you do, success will come, both at American Income Life and in your own life.

“We’re all going to feel either the pain of discipline, or the pain of disappointment … well, it’s your decision; choose your pain,” says the 29-year-old Pennsylvania-based wunderkind.

After Simon’s first of two speeches at #AILLA101, the decision for all 130+ attendees was an easy one.

How are YOU investing in yourself, both personally and professionally?

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