Simon Arias Has Passion for American Income Life

They don’t come more passionate than Simon Arias. They just don’t.  This man sacrificed. He worked his way up from Individual Producer to Top SGA and Executive Council member. He’s the youngest SGA in Company history. The Arias Agencies was recently recognized by the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette – the largest daily newspaper in Pittsburgh – as the #1 workplace in Pittsburgh among small businesses.

Simon’s obviously doing something right. Or else, he has something others don’t. Passion. Extreme passion. An intense love for what he does every day.

At American Income Life’s recent Leadership Academy 101, we asked Simon to give us three things he was most passionate about. For a passionate person, choosing only three things was challenging. Nonetheless, here’s Simon’s top three passions:

  1. Mentoring youth
  2. Coaching individuals to achieve their goals and dreams
  3. Helping change lives with Opportunity Unlimited

Reading about Simon’s passion is one thing. Seeing it is another. Watch this short video of Simon describing what he’s most passionate about:

What are you most passionate about?

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