Six Steps In Setting and Achieving Your Goals at American Income Life

American Income Life Regional Sales Director Scott Dehning

American Income Life Regional Sales Director Scott Dehning

When getting ready to go to work each day we need to have that “reason” or what I call a definiteness of purpose. Some may even call a why to. That is where having the right goals and focus on those goals comes into play. Every athlete in every sport knows how important this step is in accomplishing what they work so hard for each day and how focused they are on these goals will determine whether or not they will become a reality. Many people say they have goals but without a plan and having the right goal they only become dreams. There is a system or a plan to help you achieve what you set out each day to do.

Here is a six step formula to help you achieve what you want to accomplish each day, week and year of your career at American Income Life.

1) You must have a vision on what you want and see yourself accomplishing. Visualize where you want to be after three months, then six months and then when it is done. You need that mental picture that will coincide with the “big picture on what you are trying to accomplish”.

2) You need a strong enough goal to motivate you into action when needed. Every goal will run into obstacles that will try to sway you off your course. But having strong goals will keep you motivated to over come these road blocks along the way. Then share your goal with others to help keep you focused and stay on track. Your goal also needs to become measureable where you have little victories along the way.

3) Have the right objectives. Set definable objectives that provide a way of measuring the movement towards vision achievement. This is the real strategy of turning visions into reality. Set the objectives into three timeframes. Where you want to be short term, mid term, and the end result.

4) Tasks. Tasks are the means for you to accomplish your objectives. The tasks then become a concrete, measurable event that must occur. This part becomes your game plan for achieving what you set out to do.

5) Timelines. This important step helps you establish a priority for the tasks. Since we all know time is very precious, each task must be accomplished before the other can begin. Establishing priorities helps you to determine the order in which the tasks must be done and by what date.

6) Followups. This final step allows you to measure, check and see if you are doing what is required or if you are following the plan you put in place. This step helps validate that the plan or priorities are worthy of action. You must be focused and committed to see it through to a successful conclusion.

Whether you are setting a goal for the immediate future, the near future or a long term goal these steps can help ensure that the goals you set will not just be a dream but can become reality.

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