That’s All for American Income Life Leadership Academy 101!

American Income Life Leadership Academy 201

It’s been a blast having so many future leaders in the Home Office, but sadly, this is your last day at #AILLA101. You’ve spent the past two days listening to empowering wisdom from AIL’s leaders, furiously scribbling notes, and chowing down on a myriad of savory dishes. Now there are only a few scant hours left to soak up even more life-changing advice to take back to your Offices.

Don’t worry about that dizzying energy you might be feeling – it’s normal to feel disoriented after consuming so much knowledge at once (along with one too many Red Bulls). Focus on these final lessons, put them to practice when you return to your Offices, and you’ll be on the path to your next objective: Leadership Academy 201!

Are you fired up to take the next step as a leader? Tell us in the comments what advice stood out to you the most at American Income Life Leadership Academy 101.

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