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It’s been 60 days since you were at the Torchmark Corporation Affiliates Home Office in McKinney, TX, for American Income Life’s Leadership Academy 201. A lot has happened in the past few months. Opening Day has come and gone, the final season of Mad Men kicked off, and Taco Bell serves breakfast now! That’s right, you can fuel up on some Taco Bell before you kick off your day in the field.

But more importantly, in the last two months you’ve grown as a leader. Your team is strong. Your results are concrete. After all, you’re a Leadership Academy 201 grad! But now it’s time to start thinking about how you can take your team to the next level. It’s time to get back in the classroom … the Leadership Academy classroom, that is.

Think you have what it takes to qualify for 301? Your Leadership Academy mentor, SGA Philip Prata, is here to share a few tips to help you keep your eye on the 301 prize:

1. Care about Your American Income Life Team

Prata emphasized that you can’t just bring bodies into your Office to see results. When you recruit a person into American Income Life, you have to care about that individual’s success. Every Representative has different goals and motivations. It’s your duty to learn what makes each of your Agents unique and find ways to support their goals. Remember, the more effective your team is, the more effective you are as a leader.

2. Maintain and Grow with American Income Life

Everyone you add to your team is important, so treat them like MVPs. You have to invest time and attention to retain your Agents and help them realize their potential. Otherwise, your team will become like a bucket with a leak in the bottom. No matter how many times you try to fill your bucket to the brim, you’ll lose what you’ve already put in. Instead, build upon what you have and value each member of your team (see tip #1).

3. Apply What You Learned at American Income Life Leadership Academy

As Prata mentioned, attending American Income Life’s Leadership Academy 201 is a life-changing experience. It’s a milestone you will look back on for life. But now it’s time to look forward. What’s next for your career?

Will your goals land you at American Income Life’s Leadership Academy 301? Tell us how you’ve implemented the wisdom you gained at Leadership Academy 201 in the comments below or on American Income Life’s Official Facebook page.

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