The Journey to American Income Life Leadership Academy 301

You’re a warrior in your Office, an American Income Life champion, and an #AILLA201 grad. Do you wear this honor like a badge? You’re an esteemed leader now. You have huge aspirations, and the next goal you have in mind is qualifying for Leadership Academy 301. But don’t restrain your aim. Each goal you set is merely a stepping-stone to greater and greater accomplishments.

As Executive Council Member and 201 speaker SGA Steve Greer points out, if you’re thinking of success as a destination, you’re going about your leadership journey all wrong. Check out the video below to hear how you can turn your everyday victories into a success story that will transcend the daily grind.

Success as an American Income Life Journey

Do Steve’s words resonate with you? Have you been viewing success as an end-goal instead of a life-long routine? Make time to track your achievements. Compare what you viewed as success a year ago with what you envision now. You’ll likely find your dreams with American Income Life have amplified as you’ve progressed in your career.

Now tell us, how are you ensuring you’ll qualify for #AILLA301 so you can use the training as a jumping-off point for even greater triumphs? Let us know by posting a comment below.

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