Time to Act with American Income Life Leadership Academy

One month ago, you were jet-setting from the Home Office an esteemed American Income Life Leadership Academy 101 grad! Your mind was exploding with new ideas and enthusiasm imparted by the #AILLA101 crew.

Now, you should be 30 days deep into implementing what you gained so you can qualify for Leadership Academy 201. After all, what’s knowledge if you don’t apply it? That’s why we caught up with SGA and Executive Council Member Chris Hernandez to get you refreshed and drop some knowledge.

SGA Chris Hernandez on Applying Knowledge

Staying Accountable with American Income Life

Like Chris points out, you should be turning information gained into applied knowledge. You were face-to-face with American Income Life’s top dogs, breathing in their insights, and consuming their wisdom. Do not let that go to waste! Hold yourself accountable and elevate your team by putting into practice what you learned at AILLA101.

Remember your huge, ‘Aha!’ takeaway from Leadership Academy? What was it? And how have you put it to use in your Office? Tell us in the comments below!

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