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American Income Life Regional Sales Director Scott Dehning

American Income Life Regional Sales Director Scott Dehning

Winners…Super successful people aren’t usually “born with silver spoons in their mouths.” They are, in fact, frequently born into poverty, ignorance and darkness. But they all have one thing in common. They lean toward the sunrise — toward the light of opportunity — wherever it shines! You too can become a winner; a super successful person. But what do I mean by success?

Success does not mean necessarily reaching all your goals. It is, rather, a matter of developing your hidden potential. American Income Life Success does not mean solving all of your problems. On the contrary, as a winner or super successful person you will produce bigger challenges. You do eliminate old problems, and you exchange them for more exciting problems that are actually possibilities in disguise.

I have a simple definition of winning. It is building self-esteem in yourself and others. We could say “self-respect”. It’s that wonderful feeling that comes to you when you have helped others help themselves to a better way of life.

Now we see why success, or winning, is so important to a winner, because the alternative of success or winning is failure, and failure is disastrous to one’s self-esteem. Without a successful experience, you will remain forever trapped in the impoverished ghetto of negative self image.

All successful people, or winners, know that self-esteem is life’s highest value. They know the joy of “getting is to be able to give” to those in need. They know the joy of sharing the fruits of success. This great joy is the experience of self-esteem. So, building self-esteem is both the motive and measure of the success of a winner.

Winning = being super successful; make it happen now! Free your mind of locked-in thinking. Locked-in thinkers are people who sit around waiting for success to happen, and when it doesn’t they complain. Decide today to acquire the mental qualifications of a winner… the super successful person. One way to begin is to realize that “the very first step towards success in any job is to become interested in it.”

All you have at American Income Life is an opportunity. It takes that extra potential within you: perhaps a re-adjustment of self-esteem, your own self-respect, the re-firing of that thinking process, and the enthusiasm that is absolutely necessary to be a successful person. I would like to add one more qualification – COMMITMENT. It takes total commitment and the extra-mile efforts to bring each of us what we want: to be able to give and help others; to become a winner!

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