Wrapping up American Income Life Leadership Academy 101!








Wow it’s been a blast having so many aspiring future leaders taking over Home Office these past few days, but sadly, it’s almost time to say goodbye. You’ve spent the last two days chowing down on some delicious dishes, soaking in empowering wisdom from AIL’s leaders, and scribbling down notes as fast as you can. We’ve officially come down to the last few hours so now, more than ever it’s time to get your last full dose of what #AILLA101 is all about!

Focus on these final lessons, and bring back a little something extra to your Offices. Because let’s face it, with all the knowledge you’ve consumed lately it’ll be hard not to! Go grab some more Red Bull and get ready for the awesome ride the last day of Leadership Academy will take you on.

Learning and applying what you’ve taken away from #AILLA101 is the only sure fire way to continue your journey to becoming a leader and qualifying for #AILLA201!

What is one skill you’re excited to share with your fellow agents when you go back home? Comment below and let us know!

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