Your Obstacles Are Your Fuel at American Income Life

Overcome Obstacles at American Income LifeA wise philosopher once commented that an eagle’s only obstacle to flying with speed and ease is the air. Yet, if the air were withdrawn and the proud bird were to fly in a vacuum, it would fall instantly to the ground, unable to fly at all. The very element that offers the resistance to flying is at the same time the condition of flight.

And so are the obstacles we encounter in growing our business. But each one of these obstacles must be viewed as an opportunity to strategize, execute better and move forward.

The main obstacle that a powerboat has to overcome is the water against the propeller, yet if it was not for this same resistance, the boat would not move at all.

The same law – that obstacles are conditions of success – holds true in our business at American Income Life. Obstacles wake us up and lead us to use our abilities. Pressure gives us new power. So, out of our difficulties, new strength is born.

A bad economy is an opportunity to recruit more potential agents and managers and, at the same time sell more of the American Income Life products, since big companies are laying off and, at the same time people are losing their benefits.

American Income Life VP of Field Operations Domenico Bertini

American Income Life VP of Field Operations Domenico Bertini

A natural disaster is an opportunity to remind ourselves how fragile we are and therefore we need to plan to protect our families through life insurance.

The crash of a bank or a bad stock market is an opportunity to remind our clients that no investment is safer than life insurance, because of its “safety of principle”.

Every day obstacles become our allies because they make our brains work to be better at what we do in our business and in our personal life. It does not matter how big an obstacle is, what it matters is what are we going to do to overcome that obstacle.

Miracles can happen only if we put our minds at work. As a matter of fact, Oscar Pistorius is a demonstration that an age of miracles is back, human miracles. I was watching this kid running on a track in a stadium with two prosthetic devices instead of legs. Oscar was born without fibulae. Before each race, his father attaches the carbon-graphite prosthetics to his knees. When you look at him you know that something new is in the works in this world. The human desire and the possibilities that come with it to overcome obstacles. It is said that “when there’s a will there’s a way”.

Do you have the will to build the agency you’ve always dreamed of, in order to achieve the lifestyle you’ve always desired? If you do, know this: it will not come without obstacles, internal or external to your dream. But also know this: there’s no obstacle that is insurmountable, if you only put your mind into it.

A life free of all obstacles and difficulties would reduce all possibilities and powers to zero.

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