American Income Life CEO Roger Smith on Gaining From Our Missteps

American Income Life has brought much success to a lot of people, but even AIL’s top producers and best performers have had some challenges along the way.

It’s important not only to keep a positive attitude when you don’t close the sale, but also to learn from every sales appointment that doesn’t go as planned. Just as you learn what does work when you close the sale, you should be aware of what you could improve when you don’t. Ask yourself, were you professional and respectful? Did you establish rapport alongside the Laptop Sales Presentation? Were you attentive and engaging?

Roger Smith CEO American Income Life learn from your mistakes

Learn from your mistakes and gain from your missteps. I know that when I was an Agent, I wasn’t successful with every sales appointment, but I made it a priority to always improve. So when you don’t close the sale, don’t look at that appointment as a waste of time. Use it as a learning experience to develop your skills, and consider yourself more knowledgeable and better prepared for next time.

About Roger Smith

Roger Smith is an American businessman and Union rights activist. He is the CEO of American Income Life Insurance Company, National Income Life Insurance Company, Union Heritage Life Assurance Company Limited, and the President and CEO of Liberty National Life Insurance Company. Read more articles from Roger on American Income Life Spotlight Magazine. Find him on Google+.

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