Roger Smith CEO on Olympic Spirit at American Income Life

At American Income Life, I think having a bit of a competitive edge is a good thing for you and your career. After all, it helps us push ourselves to be better and to achieve more, and to make the most out of AIL’s Opportunity Unlimited.

Roger Smith CEO Says, “Use Olympic Inspiration in Your Career”

If you need some inspiration, the 2014 Winter Olympics might help get you in the right mindset. To these athletes, competition is a way of life, and it has helped bring them closer and closer to their dreams. They know they are competing against the best of the best, and if they want that gold medal, they know a strong dedication to their event is a necessity.

Roger Smith CEO American Income Life Olympic-flag

Roger Smith CEO American Income Life on Olympic Spirit!

So get in the spirit, and start competing against your personal best. When you consistently reach new heights and new goals, success becomes a habit. Start aiming for your gold medal, and see what dedication can do for your career.

American Income Life CEO Roger Smith at desk

American Income Life CEO Roger Smith

About Roger Smith

Roger Smith is an American businessman and Union rights activist. He is the CEO of American Income Life Insurance Company, National Income Life Insurance Company, Union Heritage Life Assurance Company Limited, and the President and CEO of Liberty National Life Insurance Company. Read more articles from Roger on American Income Life Spotlight Magazine. Find him on Google+.

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