Roger Smith CEO – Unique Opportunity at American Income Life

At American Income Life, Opportunity Unlimited means your career has a huge amount of potential.

Think about it: there are plenty of other professions that require hard work and long hours but have limited advancement opportunities. People working these jobs may feel like their careers have stagnated, particularly if their extra efforts haven’t brought them extra finances or any upward mobility. Maybe you’ve even experienced work like this in the past.

But at AIL, you know that your hard work could make a huge difference in your career and in your life. You have a unique opportunity here, so make sure you make the most of it by having faith in your ability and the dedication to make your dreams a reality.


About Roger Smith

Roger Smith is an American businessman and Union rights activist. He is the CEO of American Income Life Insurance Company, National Income Life Insurance Company, Union Heritage Life Assurance Company Limited, and the President and CEO of Liberty National Life Insurance Company. Read more articles from Roger on American Income Life Spotlight Magazine. Find him on Google+.

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