A Gracious ‘Thanks’ from Los Cabos to the American Income Life Agents

American Income Life Closer to the Heart Lunch

American Income Life Closer to the Heart Lunch

After American Income Life’s SGAs raised more than $33,000 in donations through our Closer to the Heart program, in addition to partial matching funds from AIL’s parent company, Torchmark Corporation, the Casa Hogar Orphanage graciously thanked us from the Los Cabos Children’s Foundation.

American Income Life Insurance Company CEO Roger Smith said, “Giving back is part of who we are at American Income Life. We are grateful for the opportunity to have a positive impact on the lives of these young people.”

At the spring SGA meeting in Los Cabos, Mexico, AIL kicked off Closer to the Heart, a program established by Torchmark to make financial and service contributions to the communities we visit for meetings and Convention trips. As Torchmark Board of Directors Chairman Mark McAndrew explained, “The goal is to leave the places we visit better than they were before we came.”

In an email thanking the Company, Casa Hogar Representative Michele Whicker said, “Since all of our funding comes from individuals like you, this is a huge, huge help to Casa Hogar.” American Income Life’s donation helped send the 28 orphaned or abandoned boys to summer camp, which focused on empowering and motivating them by teaching the boys life skills such as proper nutrition, exercise and fitness, and the importance of teamwork.

Thanks to the generous donations collected by AIL’s SGAs, we truly left a positive impact on the community of Los Cabos.

What have you done to give back to the people you’ve served? How can you help those less fortunate?

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