American Income Life and Food for Families Campaign

American Income Life supporting Food for Families

This year, again, the American Income Life home office participated in the Food for Families program. AIL’s 2011 donation was an unbelievable 41,360 lbs, exceeding the 2010 donation by more than 26,000 lbs. Delivery of the food to the donation site took 21 trucks, vans and cars, and many American Income Life volunteers to help unload it.

The delivery of the food created quite a stir when the total was announced, not just from the American Incomers who were present, but from everyone attending. Gordon Collier, a local news anchor covering the event, was stunned. Aware that the donations were 100% employee generated, he said, “I have been covering Food for Families for many years and I have never seen anything like this. It is unbelievable.”

Although the problem of hunger in Central Texas is no laughing matter, employees made their Food for Families endeavors a fun and friendly competition among the various departments at American Income Life. The department that collected the greatest number of pounds of food for the event was declared the winner. Fund-raising activities included a garage sale, a soup kitchen, a camp-out in the Home Office parking lot, and a scavenger hunt. Some departments even included food collection in their Halloween hijinks.

The Food for Families program is just another way that our Company proudly carries on the legacy of our philanthropic founder, Bernard Rapoport.

To learn more about the event or other non-profit initiatives, please visit the American Income Life charitable giving and contributions website.

American Income Life and Food for Families

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