American Income Life Founder B Rapoport’s Last Article – The Miracle of Renewals

American Income Life founder – Bernard Rapoport submitted this article on April 3rd, just two days before his passing. B never lost his deep affection for “The World’s Greatest Sales Force,” and he took the opportunity to share his wisdom and experience whenever he could. We hope you will cherish these, his final words to us.

Founder of American Income LifeWhen I graduated from the University of Texas, I was a jewelry salesperson. Somehow, some way, a friend of mine introduced me to the insurance business. I did not think very much of it until someone explained it to me that if you are an insurance salesperson, there is such a thing as renewals. I, of course, did not know what they were talking about, but when they explained it to me I thought, “My goodness, here’s a chance for me to get rich without investing anything,” which
was a good thing, because there wasn’t anything to invest.

I did a good job at selling insurance, especially after I learned about this thing called renewals. That is what excited me — to continually be paid for an original effort. The excitement was so great that I became the leading salesperson in the company.

I sold three or four policies, when I noticed I received a check for the renewals. It had to be only around fifteen or twenty dollars, but I could not believe it! I was being paid for an effort that I had made to help families be protected. Well, the renewals came in month after month, and that made a believer out of me.

I wanted to build a company because what individual can say “no” to the future with a company that pays renewals? To be honest with you, this was the beginning of American Income Life. That is why I founded the company. To this day, as I look over agency counts and see the income from renewals, I am just as excited today as I was 50 years ago when I discovered the miracle of renewals.

To be paid continually for the original effort that you put forth to make a sale is almost unbelievable, but for those who have a contract with American Income Life; it is true, true!

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