American Income Life Infographic on Fighting Low Food Security in 2012

With the second half of 2012 rolling in, American Income Life’s Home Office is picking up the philanthropic pace like never before!

In partnership with Food for Families, a nonprofit coalition of food pantries, American Income Life employees have donated an astonishing amount of food for their Central Texas community over the past three years. The philanthropic efforts are part of American Income Life’s plan to combat low food security in its local communities and throughout the world.

Low food security, marked by decreased quality, variety, desirability, and quantity of food consumption, has been on a consistent rise in America over the past decade. In 2010, nearly 20% of American families were affected by low food security. Faced with those jarring statistics, American Income Life took action – in 2010, we donated 15,000 pounds of food to Central Texas’ Food for Families. The next year, we outdid ourselves by increasing our donation efforts by 275%, donating 41,360 pounds of food in 2011!

Collectively, our donations over the course of the past two years have amounted to enough food to feed a family of four every day for nearly 12 years!

With more than 200 food banks nationwide, American Income Life agents join along in the Home Office’s efforts and fight low food security as well. Something as simple as collecting one canned good from each family we serve could go a long way in ensuring our 2012 and beyond is as philanthropically productive as our previous two years.

We’re confident it will be. Are you??

We have created an Infographic that shows the aspects of American Income Life’s ongoing efforts to help combat hunger in America. We encourage you to share it with your agents and clients as a wonderful reminder of the giving spirit that permeates through American Income Life.

American Income Life Infographic

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