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American Income Life Featured in SocialEyesGood news! This past month, American Income Life’s Social Media efforts were recognized by SocialEyes, an interactive media firm focused on insurance companies, in their monthly newsletter. The newsletter is sent to roughly 400 insurance companies throughout the country, according to Perry Golesworthy, President of SocialEyes’ Customer Respect Group.

First of all, congratulations! This great recognition is due to you and your Agents’ excellent interaction across our various Social Media sites. This Company has embraced Social Media and put it to outstanding use over the past few months – look no further than our 3,700+ Facebook ‘Likes’ for proof – and if we keep it up, this won’t be the last time we receive such recognition.

With a great Internet reputation comes interest in American Income Life, and with interest in the Company comes increased recruiting and production. Full-circle, you could say, and again, it wouldn’t be possible without you all.

Keep up the great work … and the “Likes”, “Shares”, and comments, too!

Here is the complete article featured in SocialEyes:

AIL Focus on Agents for Socialization

American Income Life (AIL) is one of the largest providers of supplemental life insurance to labor
unions, credit unions, and associations. The company provides coverage to more than two million policyholders through a network of 5,000 independent contractor representatives.

Insurers looking to use social media need first to identify the target audience for communication. AIL made a decision to focus on its field force, looking to create a regularly-updated channel.

What is your overall objective for using Social Media?
To build brand awareness and interact with our international field representatives. We organize
contests so people can have fun when landing on our official Facebook page. We also use it for
recognition and to share the motivational stories of our field force. We communicate with our
representatives though our social media channels, providing useful tips, updates, latest news,
etc. American Income Life consumers can use the page to get in touch with their local representatives, so it is a win-win for everybody.

Note: Recent topics include AIL’s Annual Convention, Leadership Academy training, and a
competition for representatives to submit and vote on videos about their funniest sales stories.

What metrics do you pay attention to?
We monitor our Social Media sites daily and report to executive management on a weekly basis
the increase of page and content likes, total reach, interactions, comments, and shares. We
have been primarily focused on building our fan base and encouraging positive feedback from
our field force and consumers.

Note: AIL’s Facebook fan base jumped from 1,000 at the start of the year to 3,500 now.
Engagement rates are strong, averaging 32 interactions per 100 fans for the year to date (93rd
percentile for the industry). The majority of interactions are from AIL’s field force.

Who are you recruiting to the Facebook page and how?
We focus mainly on inviting our field representatives to follow us so they stay up to date with
AIL’s latest news. We reach out to them through e-mail campaigns and different Home Office
events. We also rely on our field Managers to invite their agents and clients to connect with
American Income Life.

Which platforms are important for your strategy?
We have presences on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+. We have great motivational
interviews with all of the American Income Life State General Agents on YouTube. We also have
an agent blog called MyLifeatAIL. On the blog we post leadership messages from the management team, useful sales tips, product information, and fun stories from our annual conventions.

We also have a blog called Labor Without Borders, which is oriented toward our PR team and
labor union audience.

Note: Google+ activity for AIL is relatively low compared to Facebook. The YouTube site has
gained 53,000 views. On LinkedIn 1,400 employees have created profiles.

Why would customers connect with AIL on social media?
Clients connect with us because they like our branding, to find out product education and information, and mostly to ask questions since social media helps get them resolved right away. They
may also enter our contests. Usually we try to engage everybody that’s a fan of the Facebook
page (not only our field force) so consumers can also experience the “fun in the sun” (short
teaser for our next summer contest).

Is compliance a concern?
We implemented a social media committee and meet twice a month to discuss any compliance
issues discovered during our monitoring process. We are working to educate everybody affiliated with the company and involved in social media on the latest FINRA regulations and advise on what is appropriate to communicate through the social media channels.

Where does social media sit in the organization?
Social media is managed and maintained by the marketing department. However, other departments contact us to post relevant content, such as upcoming event information.

What tools do you use?
Our legal department helped us create a list of social media guidelines that are posted throughout all of our social media outlets. We also use a social media CRM, Shoutlet, for creating the enticing graphics of our contests, to store information, and to monitor activity. We also do manual
monitoring as a second layer of quality assurance.

Note: Shoutlet is a community management, content publishing, and moderation platform for
Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. It is also used at American Family.

How would you describe your Social Media status?
Our goal is definitely long term. We have invested a lot of effort into building our fan base, and
we want to see it growing even more. The long-term social media goal was the main reason
to research different social media CRMs and contract with Shoutlet.

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