American Income Life Representative Laura Bayless Shares Her Story of Success

American Income Life Success StoryIf you’re looking for inspiring tales of success, you’ll find plenty in our American Income Life Offices.  Just ask Laura Bayless, who recently attended Leadership Academy 101 within her first year with American Income Life. Check out the story she shared with us!

Finding Success with American Income Life

“Before American Income Life called me in for an interview, I had been out of work for nine months. I applied for hundreds of jobs until one day I got a call from the Panzer Office out of South Carolina. I came into the interview without really knowing what the job entailed. Once I left that first interview and group setting, I was very excited to get my career started.

“Had I not shown up for the interview, I would have missed out on the best career ever! This job is not for everyone, but the opportunity is present for those individuals who are willing to put in the time to make it happen! Thank you so much, American Income Life, for giving me this chance!”

What’s Your Story?

We love hearing how American Income Life has changed the lives of others. Do you have your own success story? Hit the ‘Share Your Story’ link at the top of the page and tell us about your growing career!

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