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Stay at home moms represent American Income Life products

Natalie and Charlie

Natalie is a stay-at-home mom.  She has one child, Charlie.  Charlie is 2 years old.  Natalie cherishes the time she gets to spend with Charlie.  After all, these are Charlie’s most impressionable, and cute years.  Natalie has no set schedule.  No boss asking when this project or that project will be completed.  It’s been a nice change of pace to be out of the rat race and at home raising a family as a stay-at-home mom.  Natalie gets to do the laundry and other chores when she chooses, usually when Charlie is napping.  Charlie is the center of Natalie’s world, and it’s great.

As Charlie grows, Natalie begins to make plans for him to attend preschool.  She is sad that her baby is growing so fast, but excited for him to begin learning new things and making new friends.  Natalie realizes she will soon have more time on her hands with Charlie at preschool.  Just because Charlie’s getting older, she’s not quite ready to have another baby.  Maybe in a couple of years, or maybe not.  She doesn’t need to decide that right now.  Instead, she begins to daydream about having a career again.  She misses contributing to a team and feeling as if she made a difference in the world.  Not that she regrets being at home with Charlie.  Not at all.  The time she has had with him will always be special, and she is grateful for being able to stay at home with him. But now she just can’t help thinking, “What if?”

What if I went back to work?  What if I could find a career that provided a flexible schedule?  What if I could find a career that paid me based on my performance and efforts?  What if I needed to leave work on day to take Charlie to a doctor’s appointment or soccer game?  What if my skills are outdated?

Natalie has been out of the workforce for a few years since having Charlie, so she realizes there is a gap in employment on her resume.  And technology changes so fast.  Her skills aren’t as sharp as they used to be.  Natalie’s previous field of employment was managing a restaurant, but things have changed since she left, and she just couldn’t work those night hours anymore.  Would any company consider hiring a former stay-at-home mom?

American Income Life Is Home to Former Stay-At-Home Moms and Dads

The answer for Natalie, and all stay-at-home moms desiring to re-enter the workforce, is yes. Yes! Absolutely there is a company interested in you. American Income Life is home to many mothers, fathers, and people from previous careers such as real estate, retail, customer service, and more. At American Income Life, your past work experience isn’t as important as what’s inside you. Your desire. Your heart. Your determination. If you are like Natalie and ready for something new, something more, or something bigger, American Income Life may be the perfect place for you.

Working mothers and fathers create their own schedules at AIL. They are able to have a family AND a career. But it isn’t easy. There is no doubt about that. It is extremely hard for working parents to juggle so many different balls in the air. So, you have to ask yourself – what do I want? Do I want a career that provides advancement opportunities, recognition, leadership development, bonuses, incentives, and compensation for how hard I work? If these are all things you desire, you need to take the next step. A career representing the products of American Income Life will challenge you in ways you didn’t know possible. It can also reward you in ways you didn’t know existed and potentially alter the lifestyle of your family for generations to come.

So, Natalie, if you’re out there, look up your local office and give them a call. We believe you have a lot to offer. We believe you have transferable skills, no matter where you used to work. We believe that if you have an intense drive and ambition to have a family and career, you will be in good company at American Income Life.

All while making Charlie proud of his superwoman, hardworking, career mom.

American Income Life is simply the stage where superstars come to shine. What’s holding you back from stepping on the stage and shining?

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