Bratin Open for Business at 702 Lisburn Rd in Camp Hill PA

Jason Bratin Agency 702 Lisburn Rd Camp Hill PA

Jason Bratin Agency 702 Lisburn Rd Camp Hill PA

This suburban office is now home to the Jason Bratin Agency of American Income Life, but you won’t find his Agents there very often – they are out meeting clients in their homes.

Jason Bratin Profile

Jason Bratin started with AIL in 2008, becoming a Supervising Agent, then General Agent, Master General Agent for the NILICO Pappas Agency, and is now leading his own team as State General Agent or SGA.

After being unemployed in 2008 for six months, he was given a career opportunity with American Income Life.

“You need to put in hard work and be dedicated. The business model works, the products make sense, and the opportunity is unlimited. I am a big believer in staying humble, hungry, and open to coaching,” Jason says.

Watch Jason Bratin’s inspirational farewell to the Pappas Agency as he starts his new role at American Income Life.

As an SGA, Bratin owns his own business, offering AIL life insurance and supplemental health insurance to members of labor unions, credit unions, associations, and other organizations comprised of hard-working Americans.

Contact Jason Bratin Agency in Camp Hill, PA

702 Lisburn Rd, First Floor
Camp Hill, PA 17011
(717) 494-4456

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