David Ackerman Motivates American Income Life

Who are some of the leaders at American Income Life you admire for their hard work? What are you focused on in your career that will take you to the next level? If you were one of the lucky Agents in attendance at American Income Life Leadership Academy 101 earlier this year then you got to hear from successful State General Agent David Ackerman.

David Ackerman Motivates American Income Life

David Ackerman Motivates American Income Life

What’s Your Vision?

David shared his insight and experience on how to be successful at American Income Life. He challenged leaders to embrace their goals and follow through on their vision for success. He even shared tips on personal recruiting, training, and the benefits of Agent recognition.

“Vision starts everything off,” David said. “Competition weeds out the strong from the weak and drives people higher.”

Caring for the Success of Others at American Income Life

David stressed the importance of being tough, but truly caring about your people. Being clear with expectations and vision puts everyone on the same page working toward a common goal. It’s important that everyone at American Income Life has a coach and someone to help motivate them to reach their goals.

“People will do what they see, not what you tell them to do,” David said. “Motivation for me was to do the most that I could. It was about accomplishment and wanting to be better than the best.”

Did David’s words make an impact on you? How are you going above and beyond when it comes to American Income Life systems, training, recruiting, etc.?

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