Larry Long Turned From Wind Turbines to American Income Life To Power His Career

Larry Long has been with American Income Life for 10 weeks, but wishes he had discovered it 10 years ago! He found it refreshing to start his career with the Arias Agency and attend its training workshops held by Simon Arias, Justin Adams, and others who have already walked the path of success. Larry found the workshops engaging because he didn’t have to watch a DVD, or read about the selling process in a manual. He got to hear it firsthand from people with experience!

Before American Income Life, Larry sold wind turbines and made quite a lot of money. But other than a paycheck, there was no reward. Due to market changes wind turbine sales were decreasing. Recognizing this as a potential problem, Larry decided to look for other employment options so he could provide for his family. That’s when he found American Income Life. Larry was especially thrilled at the opportunity he was given: “At AIL, I can make my own schedule. If I want to make more money I can even work Sundays!” He’s in control of his own career.

At American Income Life, Larry finds the compensation plan great, and enjoys being recognized for his accomplishments. But helping people is the most rewarding part of his career. He has clients that he’s cried with, laughed with, and even some he considers friends. If you’re like Larry and enjoy helping people, give American Income Life Insurance Company a shot.

Do you like being rewarded for your success? What about providing for your family? If you’re offered the opportunity, dare to be successful with American Income Life.

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