MGA Barbie Seyoum Shares How She Found Success at American Income Life

American Income Life Success StoriesOne of our favorite parts of American Income Life’s Leadership Academy – besides the delicious food, of course – is hearing how AIL’s future leaders started with the Company. At #AILLA201, we caught up with MGA Barbie Seyoum from the Samantha Chui Office in Atlanta to hear her inspiring story.

Going from a J.O.B. to a Career

“After being laid off three times in the medical field, I found myself stuck in a J.O.B. (Just Over Broke) managing a pizza shop. I knew I needed more financial security, and that’s when someone with American Income Life approached me about Opportunity Unlimited. From the start of my career with AIL, I worked hard and put aside my personal time to focus on building my business. I took a leap of faith, and now here I am with a MGA contract in my hands!

“Today, I have personal time again, but now I can afford to travel to places I never dreamed of before and shop in stores I thought I would never set foot in. My children supported me the whole way and could not be prouder of my success. AIL provided an avenue for me to change my life, my children’s lives, and the lives of others who join my agency.  It just goes to show, believe in yourself, put your plan into action, and you will change your future!”

Change Your Future with American Income Life

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