Ohio American Income Life SGA Hits The Web To Fight Against “Issue 2” And For Worker’s Rights

American Income Life is for Justice for WorkersJim Surace is a State General Agent for American Income Life in Ohio and one of the leading partners of the Surace-Smith Agencies. When Issue 2 came up on the polls, Jim wrote a letter addressing his opinion about the issue, and submitted it to a newspaper for publication. In his letter, Jim informed the public on the unfairness Issue 2 would bring to the working people. Issue 2 would have limited the worker’s rights at work, as well as their income.

For those who are not familiar with Issue 2, it was a plan made by Ohio Governor John Kasich in favor of restricting bargaining rights for unionized government workers.

Like American Income Life, Jim Surace is a supporter of unions and the right to a fair workplace; which is why Jim made sure he contributed to inform the public of the issue. He, along with union supporters and activists, showed up and voted ‘no’ to Issue 2. In a record breaking turnout since the early 90s, 46 percent of the Ohio population showed up to vote and 60 percent voted ‘no’ to Issue 2.

Read Jim’s letter on Issue 2 below:

A reader sends in this Op-Ed that for some reason he couldn’t get published in Cleveland’s Plain Dealer:Issue 2 is bad for businessI am writing today as a patriot and owner of an insurance agency in Cleveland. I am opposed to Issue 2 and I would like to share my perspective on why a “NO” on Issue 2 is needed.First, as a patriot I believe America is the greatest country in the world. We threw off the dictatorship of another country that ruled from the top down and resulted in only two classes–elites and peasants. In its place we instituted our vibrant democracy and have a rich history of open dialogue, a sometimes raucous but civil exchange of ideas. It’s a testy process but ultimately results in respectful negotiations for common solutions from all interested parties.

That is the America I love and why I think that Issue 2 is flawed. None of us should want to undo the peoples’ rights to open debate and negotiations and replace them with top down control from the elite–elected or otherwise.

So even though I come from business, I believe that the dismantling of workers’ rights will lead to the dismantling of the middle class. The middle class is essential for our strong business community. Their buying power constitutes 70% of our economy. Issue 2 begins the process of reducing the middle class’s standard of living and with it their ability to purchase goods and services from all our businesses.

But along with the negative economic impact of Issue 2 comes the destruction of the concept of fairness that is part of the fabric of our country.

All citizens should understand the need to sustain our fundamental system of fairness in Ohio and across the United States. Fairness to workers, small businesses and Fortune 500 companies.

Fairness is not just an esoteric term. Fairness is the foundation of both principles and policies – manifested in the social compact between business, workers and government. The principles and policies of fairness are the cornerstone for creating the middle class.

Fairness is found in the process of the Collective Good–conversations, negotiations, give and take, the creation of shared prosperity, implementation of progressive and fair taxation, bargained contracts, all of these things are the collective process that result in common good solutions.

Business thrives under fairness. Fairness is the foundation for a healthy, thriving environment for both workers and business. Issue 2 strips fairness from our society and results in small business, workers and the middle class being excluded from the rule-writing process.

The end to fairness is the death knell for the middle class and a withering business community.

Issue 2′s immediate effect will be top-down government bureaucratic decisions that reduce the income of public workers. But unfairly cutting public workers’ wage and benefits reduces their means to purchase goods and services offered by business. When a workers has less spendable income not only are their families squeezed, business owners are also squeezed.

I would challenge anyone to find ONE small Business owner in the State of Ohio who would tell you that a customer with lower wages is better for their business. Actually, businesses thrive when customers have more disposable income–businesses expand, make more profit and hire more workers.

Voting NO on Issue 2 is a return to fairness and the course to a better economy for all Ohio. It is the right thing to do for our middle class and the small business owners who are fighting for their very survival.

Jim Surace is the owner of the Surace Smith Agency of American Income Life based in Cleveland, Ohio.


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